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Not just an accomplished, strategic woman in business, Paula is deeply intuitive, with an exceptional ability to sense other people’s feelings and relate to their circumstances. An enthusiastic listener, she strives to connect with and fully understand others. Her curious nature underpins her desire to get to know others on a deep level, so they feel totally heard and understood. Paula’s warm and gentle energy immediately puts others at ease, and she effortlessly creates a safe place for them to open-up and be vulnerable.


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Paula’s authenticity fosters deep and lasting connections, as well as trust and confidence, which is an essential part of the coaching relationship. She meets clients where they are at, whilst recognising and cultivating the raw potential in them. She believes everyone is a work in progress, alive with possibilities, and can see talents, strengths and improvements that others may not see for themselves. She helps others find meaning by looking at the big picture, giving them a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty. Her genuine encouragement helps those she works with grow and improve.

Paula has a strategic mind with an adept ability to make connections and identify patterns and issues which may be getting in the way of progress. She respectfully clarifies and shares her insights with clients, encouraging reflection and helping them find alternative ways to proceed. Paula provides unique perspectives and helps people see things differently and expand their horizons. She loves getting involved in big projects in the early stages, and her insights enable projects to move forward intelligently, without backtracking.

Paula loves to continually learn and improve. For her, the process of learning inspires more than the outcome. She is passionate about personal and spiritual growth, and the intricate relationship between personal evolution and other areas of life. Paula aspires to help her clients to grow personally and create ripple effects in their businesses, careers and personal life.

"We cannot
become what we want by
remaining what
we are."

- Max Depree

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