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Andy is dynamic businessman, as passionate about people as he is about business. He recognises and cultivates the highest potential in others and is dedicated to helping them grow and improve. He lights up a room with his energy and enthusiasm, and his upbeat nature and infectious optimism generate excitement and a greater sense of what’s possible.

Andy delights in helping people think big. He not only helps his clients see the big picture, but he helps them clearly identify the strategy for getting there. A catalyst for change, he gently motivates and inspires his clients to take the necessary steps to achieving their goals. He empowers others to strive for excellence, while putting them at ease with his gentle presence and supportive nature. Having faced and overcome many business challenges himself, he has the capacity to remain steadfast in the face of stress or crisis, calmly navigating towards a resolution.


Andy is very ‘values’ driven, motivated to help those he works with identify their own unique purpose and values. He draws upon the wisdom of his experiences, his wins and past mistakes, to educate and raise the awareness of his clients, so they are best placed to make conscious and informed decisions, aligned to their values. He’s eager to share the tools that have helped him succeed and is constantly growing and expanding his own skill set, so he has even more to offer others.


Andy’s a great communicator, with an empathic nature. His personal experiences in business and life have birthed an emotional and spiritual depth, which he continues to foster through daily practices – namely meditation, breath work and cold-water immersion. He truly believes that daily habits define who we become. He encourages his clients to cultivate their own personal daily habits, so they can become the greatest version of themselves.

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"When the ego weeps for what it has lost,
the spirit rejoices for what it has found -
the opportunity of adversity"

- Echardt Tolle

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