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At the Hannagan Effect, we offer business and personal coaching to individuals who are ready to make meaningful, lasting change in their lives. We guide people towards understanding their deep inner potential  – not just to succeed at external goals, but to feel truly at peace within, while living life with joy, ease and flow.



Are you open to growth in all areas of life – mental, physical, spiritual, financial?

Are you willing to walk a meaningful journey towards your mission – even when it doesn’t always feel comfortable?

Are you ready to overcome the road blocks that are holding you back from the life,

or the business, that you truly deserve?



We’re Paula and Andy Hannagan, co-pilots on an ever-expanding journey of personal and business growth. Seasoned entrepreneurs, with over 20 years’ business experience creating and building Bounce (the Australian-born Healthy Snacking Brand), we’ve come to understand that successful business outcomes are directly related to your level of personal growth.

We offer 1–1 coaching, partnering with you to gain greater insight into your business, deepen your self awareness, align with your vision of success and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

We’re here to partner with you to expand what’s possible – while unearthing and aligning to a deep sense of self: the truest measure of success.

Paula and Andy Hannagan

Paula and Andy

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